The question is simple: if you have a car and spend a lot of money on tuning it with special accessories, do you have a normal insurance policy? Well, eye, because the answer, usually, is: no.

Insurance is putting the price at risk . The risk consists of the probability and the insured capital, that is, the value that the insurance contract is protecting. Exactly the same as protecting a high-end car is more expensive than protecting a utility car (the first one has more value), when what is protected is a tuned car the value of the protected is higher, then the premium must also be.

If you add to that there are tuned cars that modify their conditions to be faster, then you have to, in addition, the tune may have modified not only the value, but also the probability (if you go faster, the risk is greater). In addition, you must bear in mind that, in general, if a car is very well tuned, the probability of theft increases.

If a car is very well tuned, the probability of theft increases

If you do not declare to your insurer the special components that your car carries and any other that that model does not usually carry, you can find yourself in an underinsurance situation in which the insurer, if you have a loss, refuses to pay those components. Since everything in life has a solution , you have two: or declare the components in the policy , in which case no one can say that their protection is not included in the premium; or look for special insurance for tuned cars. That there are.

Another aspect that you should keep in mind, although not only for insurance, is that the thingsyou put on your Transformer vehicle must be approved , or legalized. Beware of adding accessories that are not , because not only your insurer can put problems if they get damaged, but you can have problems with the authorities, which is much more serious.

Modifying or tuning vehicles is a very respectable and rewarding hobby. In addition, there is nothing more logical than protecting the investment you have made; investment that can sometimes be very large.

The insurance is there to help you, and that includes that you adequately declare the equipment

A blow of sheet metal that for others is a problem, for you it is a problem. The insurance is there to help you, and that includes properly declaring the equipment. The price, normally, will be more expensive. But if some day you have a mishap, you will find out its real value.


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