International data suggest that the Spanish company is among those that most protect themselves against the problems that may arise. It can be calculated that some two million companies have insurance as such, insurance through which about 2,000 events occur daily that occur to them. You will not have noticed it but industrial safety also plays in your favor since you consume the products that these companies manufacture and market.

The mishaps that the insurance pays you are not the only ones that you charge. You, even if you do not know it, also benefit from payments made by insurers to others, such as those made by the industry to the industries. Because if they know that they are covered, that the probability of something unexpected happening that causes them losses is less, then they invest with more joy, they innovate, they experiment; and that, after all, means that the products and services that you consume have more quality and at lower prices.

Industrial safety through insurance is an underworld formed by many very different benefits, as is logical because the industry itself is also very varied.

In Spain we estimate that some two million companies have insurance as such , insurance through which about 2,000 daily events that occur to them are attended . The security that, worth the redundancy, contributes the industrial insurance, is made patent by the fact that the mishaps in the industries are not cheap.

It thinks that the statistical expectation of a blow of sheet in a car is that to repair it it comes to cost something less than 900 Euros. But those 900 euros are compared, for example, with the almost 13,000 that can cost a mishap in the most common industrial insurance , which is multi-risk. Or the 4,700 euros that takes a mishap due to breakdown of machinery . And here we are talking about average costs, because in industrial insurance, when you look at the most expensive mishaps, it is not unusual to find costs above 100,000 euros .

This being the case, perhaps it could even be said that the main service rendered by industrial insurance is not in the payments it makes.

The main service is in the sense of security that gives the industrialist the fact of knowing that, if negative things happen, someone, the insurance, will be running costs . As the insurance mutualizes the risks (that is, distributes them among all its insureds) it can afford to ask each client to pay a small part of said risk. But if each of those clients had to face the possibility of suffering a loss on their own, their attitude would be very different. Without mutualization , you should save more resources, and that means that you would charge more for your products. You would pay for it, then.

So, every time an insurer pays 10,000 euros to a carrier that has suffered damage to their vehicle or to the merchandise, or 7,800 to a constructor who has had a problem in a construction site (both are average figures), it is not paying you all that money; but if you consume what the carrier was carrying or you are buying an apartment, in reality, yes, it is saving you. Industrial insurance, then, is also there for you to do better.


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