Who does not like to be the best host in the world. There are people, many people, whose life is going on in which their barbecues, their anniversaries, their fiestones in a word, are the most of the most and leave the people more than happy. If you are one of them, you should bear in mind that when you organize a private event at home, by definition, there are things that can go wrong. Have you ever stopped to think that you can be held responsible for the damages?

There you have given it: it is the famous civil responsibility , of which we have spoken many times. As an organizer, the people at your event depend on you ; And that’s where you should think if you need some kind of insurance for private events.

What do insurance cover for private events?

The insurance for events are usually quite similar, whether it’s a Justin Bieber concert or a private celebration. The insurance for private events will be similar to that of the big events, although, obviously, it will be a reduced version. The first thing that will cover will be the damages. In the section of material damage, it is possible that the main protected is you if the material put into play in the celebration is yours. If there are many people in the event, the movement and the cluelessness can end up causing that some piece of furniture, or some equipment, is damaged ; The thing will hurt less if they compensate you. Obviously, you also have to think about the personal injuries, well you know that people slip, the glasses are broken and then walked by that guest who insisted on walking barefoot on the grass … those things. In this way, clearly, as an organizer you are covering yourself against those damages .

Although it is a bit stressful to read this in insurance contracts, it is normal that you also cover the possibility that your party comes out as the frog. We talk about fires, explosions or other similar eventsthat can totally or partially ruin your plans. If one of these things happens, well, it is likely that you stop being the most popular party organizer in your area; but, at least, it will not cost you money.

Insurance for private events covers from the risk of fire to theft through the accidents that the guests suffer

Nor should we forget other coverage for private events which is probably a bit cumbersome to talk about. Because, of course, the guests at your events are all full people, we do not doubt it; but in the crowded parties, more is stolen than smoked. There are more people friend of the outsider than it seems, and it is worth covering yourself before this eventuality because, otherwise, those who have to say that your parties are the most you are going to say anything but beautiful.

These are just some coverages that are among the most common. To protect, an event can be protected from very varied things, such as the possibility of rain, a firecracker spoiling the party or, of course, having to be called off. That depends a lot on the characteristics of the event you want to mount.

Protecting your project, in any case, will not cost you much, and will help you to pass the party relaxed. Before, during and, above all, after.


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