Already DGT was considering introducing a compulsory insurance for bicycles . The accident risks are too high with this type of vehicles without motor, which is based on tragic statistics that have occupied a lot of space on the front pages of information media. Finally, and after all we know now, has it become mandatory to have a bicycle insurance?

It really is not mandatory to have a bicycle insurance for ho and day . But it is true that it is highly recommended to have it, for several reasons. As we already anticipated in the introduction, the statistics of accidents of cyclists on the road are discouraging. Most of these are produced with motor vehicles involved and the consequences are often very disastrous.

A cyclist carries minimal protection for possible falls or collisions with objects, people or other bicycles. Even in these cases accidents are not usually pleasant and can have serious consequences, but it is less likely. If we take into account that the majority of the time the cyclists share a road with motor vehicles and that in case of an accident the impact would be totally absorbed by them, the thing becomes quite tricky.

Having a bicycle insurance is not mandatory, but it is recommended

The consequences of an accident between a bicycle and a motor vehicle can be quite limiting and having an insurance is a vital tool against operations, recovery processes, the loss of one’s bicycle, the need for psychological support if necessary, etc. .

What is at stake when we are on the road is our life , and not only in the sense of living or dying. We can not forget that a permanent disability can seriously affect a person’s economy. That recovery processes can be slow and painful, as well as expensive.

Have a bicycle insurance, you can even cover your own bike in case of theft, which is also very interesting. Bicycles, as a rule, are not usually cheap . There are, but for occasional use. If you move mostly by bicycle, it is very likely that you bought a good one, which will have cost you money. A money that you would not lose if someone steals or damages your bicycle. Sure, depending on the insurance and the coverages you choose.

An insurance for a bicycle is not usually expensive , which is another reason to ask, request a quote and consider hiring one. They are not easy to find, at least not as much as a  car insurance  or  home insurance , so we recommend you go to an insurance broker to help you locate the best products at the best price.

Not only that, through a brokerage you can also customize the coverage of your insurance . And since you are over there, you can  ask about the insurances  that you already have hired so that you can study a better and more economical option or adapted to your needs for the next renovations. It is a totally free service that does not increase the price of your insurance, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


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