Travel, we all travel, or almost all; but there are those who exceed the concept of traveler to become a true globetrotter. We talk about who has made the trip its vital meaning, whether for work or tourism. Spending long periods of time abroad involves risks that are not covered by the usual travel insurance, which is why long-term travel insurance has been created. We explain how they work:

We’ve already told you what travel insurance is ; and we have also told you that, depending on where you are going to move, it is not a bad idea that you do not comply with basic insurance that your travel agency may offer, but that you look for one with good economic limits and adapted to the type of problems that can occur if you have bad luck in your travels. But, of course, this works reasonably well if you’re going to take a trip. But, what if you’re going to do a lot of traveling or are you going to be in a place for a long time?

The insurers of assistance have solved this problem with the figure of the so-called long-stay travel insurance . In essence, a long-term travel insurance is like normal travel insurance, usually very complete. Its great difference is that it acts from a period of time from which it can be considered that the trip is of long stay: for example, three months.

By means of these insurance, therefore, the client remains protected with the usual coverage, from loss of luggage to the inevitable medical expenses derived from illnesses or accidents , only that it is for a longer time. In this way, the problem is avoided that this unrepentant traveler has to go looking for insurance protection for each of the trips, which can be a nuisance.

Long-term travel insurance is one more example of the flexibility with which insurance takes the issue of deadlines.

Long-stay travel insurance protects you in all the destinations you visit in a specific period of time, three months for example

The travel insurance long stay is another example of the flexibility with which secure the issue of timing is taken. It is true that most insurance products have standard periods of validity that almost everyone contracts, because they are the ones that almost everyone needs. However, in cases like this one sees how there are people who have very special needs and insurance, of course, will not leave them lying around.

A clear example of possible interested in this type of insurance figures is the displaced student, usually in the framework of an Erasmus . Whether you are that student or your long-suffering parent, you should remember that, among the many things that your child is good at carrying in his suitcase, between aspirins and clothes for all seasons, it would be good if take the protection of a long-stay travel insurance.


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