When one hires health insurance, he does it thinking of using it when he needs medical attention and this is the case. However, although many people do not know, health insurance coverage can also help you before the disease or disease appears. Increasingly, insurers offer their clients prevention programs to help them maintain a good state of health.

The health is being healthy. It seems obvious, but it is not. When there is no other remedy, health consists of healing from illness ; but, as we have just told you, the best health is that in which you do not get sick.

Therefore, taking care of your health is not just going to the doctor when your side hurts. It is also, or even more, to work so that the side never hurts. This is preventive medicine, that is, the situation in which medical professionals and patients (which, in fact, still are not) join forces to make bad things do not happen, or at least not all of them times that usually happen. Well, although you may not know it, prevention is a coverage included in your health insurance.

Obesity and smoking, main objectives

In general, the entities that sell health insurance  have understood this concept a long time ago, and that is why they include various aids and supports to their insured in matters of prevention. Insurers are providers of information, advice and, where appropriate, treatments or therapies related to the prevention of many ailments that people may have.

Insurers offer their clients information, advice and treatments on prevention matters

Usually, the main protagonists of these elements of prevention are the two main points of health forecast we have in our society: obesity and addiction to tobacco or alcohol. Most insurers offer support and advice in both areas.

Regarding obesity and taking into account that the experiments do not have to be done with soda but with doctors, health insurance allows you direct access to endocrinology specialists to follow healthy and balanced diets. Many insurers, however, go a step further offering mobile applications to facilitate control of your habits, blogs with advice on food and sports and even promotions for those customers who are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle . The same happens in the case of smoking, monitoring through medical professionals is an essential mechanism for those most addicted to nicotine get leave behind.

Besides the prevention of the most common situations, there are also many others, such as diabetes, coronary problems or cancer . The best way to avoid bad news in these environments is, precisely, to receive adequate advice on the type of life and habits that are more compatible with the conservation of a healthy situation. Also in this matter the insurers generate, through their blogs and applications, all kinds of informative material so that their clients know not only the ways to prevent these ailments but also the way to guarantee the early detection in case that finally comes the disease.

Insurance also helps take care of your teeth

Nor should we forget another aspect of health insurance benefits that is pure prevention: dental insurance . The best way to have a healthy mouth is to get used to check it every so often, clean it and treat it where needs have arisen.

In short, yes, finally and in the end, you have to go to the doctor to avoid going to the doctor. That is why it is important that you consult your insurer and know everything you have at your disposal to take care of you and yours in a preventive way.


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