Being a father changes your life, of that there is no doubt. But to what extent does this change come? Does it also affect the way to make sure? The statistics say yes. 35% of single men with children under their care, for example, hire private health insurance; a rate above the average.

Insurance plays an important role in the spending decisions of families since they have a home, a car and also need to pay attention to their health. Expenditure decisions vary in households that are single-parent and have spending decisions different from those families where the responsibility of the children rests on a couple.

Coinciding with the celebration of Father’s Day , in We are Safe we ​​have analyzed the family profiles that are single-parent, that is, the father is the one who assumes the responsibilities of spending on himself and his children. Decisions on spending on car, housing and health insurance.

In general, it is observed that single-parent families have less spending on insurance than families in which there is a couple who makes spending decisions and who are responsible for the family unit together. This difference is seen, above all, in health insurance. While single-parent families have a more prevalent prevalence in car and home insurance ; Health insurance is usually less present. However, there is a higher than average rebound in those single men who have minor children under their responsibility. According to the data of the Survey of Family Budgets (EPF), 35% of the single men with minor children in their charge contract a private health insurance; a rate that is above the penetration of health insurance over the general population.

The family profile that contracts the most for car, housing and health insurance, on the other hand, is the couple with small children . It is noticeable, above all, in car insurance where almost all families with this profile have a car, and therefore, insurance.

That parents care about their children is not something we have to prove ourselves. These figures, in any case, point out that in this concern, insurance has a lot to do.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate. And in Somos Seguros , the effort made by single-parent families to protect their family is valued. Happy day to all parents .


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