The work that is done in a brokerage goes for many unnoticed. It is not usually vocational in itself (what is vocational is the willingness to serve) nor, in turn, is appropriate for everyone, because, unlike what it might seem, to perform this job there are attitudes that are necessary and that they do not get in the university like, for example, empathy. In any case, we are going to find out what you have to study to work in insurance and what is required of those who wish to do so.

What does an insurance broker do?

The agent and the insurance broker , although they are two different professionals, have the same main function and most of the secondary ones. The first works for a company, being able to link to one exclusively or work for several, and the other works independently, which implies greater impartiality.

The essence of this profession is to be a mediator between the two main parties related to insurance: the provider and the contractor. What is the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance broker?

Studies to work in insurance

Considering the three figures (insurance broker, exclusive agent and linked agent), the minimum studies required will vary.

These courses are taught in some universities and also, as is logical, in Insurance Mediators’ Colleges . The Center of Studies of the General Council of the Insurance Mediator Colleges puts at your disposal all the training, without exception, useful to become an insurance professional.

There are courses that have some subjects that can be validated if you have a university career in legal, business, economic or actuarial and financial sciences, as well as in administration and business management.

In any case, this is something that must be consulted beforehand. All of them must have a minimum duration of at least 500 hours to be able to access this job.

Broker and agent

  • The insurance broker is the one who is required to have a higher education . In this case, you must have completed, and successfully passed, the training of Insurance Broker Group A, approved by the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds, of the Ministries of Economy and Business of our country. This, in turn, requires having completed and passed the baccalaureate or equivalent formal studies (a higher degree).
  • The exclusive insurance agent , that is, the one who chooses a single insurer, must also take a course and its corresponding exams, although, in this case, they will be from Group B of Insurance Brokers.
  • The one who is a linked agent , that is, the one who works for several insurance agencies, will have to pass a similar course in Group A of Insurance Mediator, like the broker.

We will see, finally, other requirements to fulfill and desirable characteristics in the broker and the insurance agent.

Other requirements

In addition to the corresponding training it is necessary that you aspire to the position that you aspire of the aforementioned, you register in the Special Registry of Mediators of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds.

In addition, we have to say that in this sector training is constant . We are talking about something really important that is to ensure conditions, including life, to all kinds of people, which makes it absolutely and absolutely necessary to know the rules and every one of the changes made at the moment to be able to offer a coverage, whatever the aspect, according to what the law establishes.

What makes the difference

The above forms the set of minimum requirements to work in insurance, either as agent or broker. However, we will have to add some logical aspects to finish building a sufficient academic profile to be able to advise any user and know how to answer all your doubts, as well as to perform the administrative and management tasks that are behind any hiring.

Thus, knowledge in management and administration are the best valued (always in addition to the specific training of mediator, of course).

Aspects such as sales, customer service and work facing the public , of course, will help you open more doors.

He thinks that, although many of us work in an office facing the public or behind a telephone , many others perform our business with large client portfolios, so that having commercial skills will be essential in this case.

Of course, regardless of where or how we work, knowing how to approach the client in an efficient and friendly way is essential both for him to feel comfortable and receptive and to give a correct image and, above all, to deal with such sensitive issues as ensuring any aspect of a person’s life.

Let’s not forget, precisely, that last point. Although sometimes you have the agent or broker as a mere salesperson who wants to sell us anything, the truth is that he is a true professional and has, as we said at the beginning, a very high empathy.

For us it is essential to understand the real problems of the people who need our services and to work in a particular way to offer a solution that truly meets their expectations and, of course, their needs when the time comes.

Employment in insurance

It is not surprising, therefore, that an initial test (or in the same interview) assumptions are made in which the social skills and, in general, the ethical and human aptitudes of the candidate are those that should emerge. Visit our  employment portal of Seguros Nogal  if you want to work with us.

Also, this is a point that is worked continuously when you are already hired, being very common workshops and other activities related to social skills that, sometimes, will turn to your sector and, in other cases, you will receive more general .

As you see, you have to study, and quite a lot, to work in insurance. It is not a race of years. but nothing is left to chance and what is sought is, at all times, to offer clients and future clients professionalism at the level of the service that is offered , it is necessary to reiterate, it is really important then, many aspects of the people’s lives depend on hiring quality insurance and offering us real support.


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